Installation for VISIONS BY
Issue No 3: People about
Material Cultures
Year: 2022
Installation,  lecture, and event.

The installation tests the limits of a single material through a series of operations: stretched, pierced, or preserved in plastic. The silk flags are treated like bodies that, immersed in a quasi-medical environment, are subject to the artificial modification of their organic materiality.

Installation for the launching of VISIONS BY Issue No. 3: People about Material Cultures at HarvardGSD.

Organized by SpainGSD with the support of Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard.

More info: www.visions-by.com
Original Idea: à la sauvette and Fernando Garrido
Talks: Ariadna Serrahima and Saul Baeza
in Conversation with Michelle Chang
Creative Production: Tai Sans
Photographer: Randy Crandon
DJ: Jeffery Cheung

Pablo Castillo, Ernesto Ibáñez, Héctor Suárez, Fernando Garrido, 2022.

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