The Right to Dance

L’Atelier Mag Issue no. 19

'The Right to Dance', published in L’Atelier EPFL no. 19, revisits the role of 'the party' in expressing and reaffirming community identities through the occupation of public space.

‘In response to nightclub exclusivity and the limitations of domestic space — to which not everyone has equal access — the party finds a middle way. Abandoned industrial warehouses, former war bunkers, or wastelands under the highway are, among others, suburban spaces that host celebrations outside the official leisure model. These places, generally located on the city margins, were not designed for nightlife fantasy at all. These suburban locations, characterized by their ambiguity, occupy a position on the edge [...]’

+ Text: Luis Bautista, Pablo Castillo, Ernesto Ibáñez, Héctor Suárez.
+ Photos: à la sauvette
+ Editorial design: Aurelia Peter, Laura Prim