︎︎︎ The Garden of Attractor Sounds ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎

Year: 2021
Status: Exhibition

"The Garden of Attractor Sounds" is an interactive sound installation exhibited at the Driving the Human Festival 2021 in Berlin.

This project highlights the potential of 'the party' in the public space for catalyzing instant communities without defined borders. It explores an alternative way of rethinking the city in terms of care and pleasure through the celebration as a mechanism for reclaiming urban space. Aware of today's erosion of community, The Garden of Attractor Sounds highlights the creation of human assemblages as an act of resistance.

The installation consists of a system of speakers distributed throughout a room. Each speaker is computationally enhanced with an ultrasonic sensor programmed to adjust the volume of the music based on its distance from the listener. The installation's functioning does not depend on each user but rather on the collectivity. Therefore each visit is unique, depending on the number of people present, their proximity to the speakers, and their behaviors. All in all, you need people to throw a real party.

The speakers played a 10-hour-non-stop music set curated by 13 Canarian music artists: Rancel, Chef P, Javier Carballo, Highkili, Irtap, Inrra, Luishock, Arnic, Pdrs A, Blein, Soliad, Mikoon and Rob Mdna. The technical settings were made by Idir Expósito.

Photos: María Galindo   /   Drawings: à la sauvette

Pablo Castillo, Ernesto Ibáñez, Héctor Suárez. 2021.

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