︎︎︎¡Pasa del crucero! ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎

Year: 2019 — 21
Location: Arrecife, IC.
Status: Winner competition, Re

In 2019, 'La sal para todos!', a strategic intervention proposal on Arrecife's industrial and tourist landscape, won an international ideas competition. However, its message did not reach any of its inhabitants.

Would cinema make sense if only directors and cameras would watch it? The media capacity of the architectural practice is quite limited. Limitless reflections, proposals, and hypotheses on the territory occur throughout the year. Still, they rarely manage to get out of that closed intellectual circle the Architects™ have created.
`Pasa del Crucero' is an idea of format re-mediation; the idea of the original competition wants to transcend the DIN A-2 PDF file in which it was initially presented to engage with locals and tourists.

This project aims to get the message of an urban design competition across Arrecife's inhabitants and tourists through one of the most popular souvenirs: the beach towel.

`La sal para todos!’ was the winner project of the ASAcción 2019 competition.
More info: www.sostenibilidadyarquitectura.com/asaccion-2019
Photos / Drawings: à la sauvette

Luis Bautista, Pablo Castillo, Ernesto Ibáñez, Héctor Suárez. 2019-2021.

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